Hi, my name is Manuel Alexandre Varela Cruz, and I was born in A Coruña, Spain. From an early age I was attracted to painting and art in general. It was through my passion for drawing, studying a Graphic Design Degree at the Escola de Arte e Superior de Deseño Pablo Picasso in A Coruña, when I felt special interest in photography, in all aspects of the eighth art called. This interest led me to train in the Superior Grade Formative Course of Photography, Film and Television at the Escola Imaxe e Son in A Coruña.
Since 2012 I have been working as a Professional Photographer, beginning my career as a Photojournalist at La Opinión A Coruña. In 2013 I studied a Master's degree in Art and Communication to expand my knowledge at ACME Apple Authorised Training Center in Santiago de Compostela. Since 2014, I combine photography and graphic design as freelance, with the job of photojournalist for various agencies. Currently also making new dreams at Juve Multimedia.
My main skills are photography of events and sports, video shooting and editing, corporate image design and web development.
I have a special interest in cinema, advertising, fashion, travels and people.

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